About HR Central

HR Central is a customer-centric recruitment firm specializing in the recruitment of permanent positions for employers across industries. We work for customer delight by owning our client’s manpower requirements and deploying the best search methodology to address these requirements for customer business success.

We are passionate about careers!

What drives us to work every day is a new opportunity to connect professionals to the careers of their choice and to create a positive impact.

Our Core Values

Our Milestones

Ever since it's establishment in April 2012, over 1500+ (till date) professionals have been connected to careers of their choice. With 40+ passionate recruiters, HR Central has partnered over top 100 employers, placing candidates from grassroots to leadership management levels.

The ability to make good people decisions is today’s most enduring source of competitive advantage. Decisions at the time of recruiting talent cast the longest shadow of all.”

"HR Central’s EXECUTIVE SEARCH service concentrates on helping clients achieve this advantage through identification, assessment and recruitment of best talent."